High-Quality Paver Restoration Services for You

Brick pavers are a beautiful addition to your property, whether as a sidewalk, patio or lanai, or pool desk. However, weather and constant use can cause problems for your bricks, and even the slow accumulation of dust and dirt can diminish the beauty and natural coloration of your bricks.

If you need brick paver restoration in Tampa, FL, contact the pros at Gulf Coast Paver Restoration Inc. Our brick paver restoring services can get your pavers looking like new in no time.

What Hazards Do Brick Pavers Face?

The humid climate of Florida can contribute to moss, mold, and mildew growth, and frequent rainfall can cause the topsoil to shift - all of which can wreak havoc on your brick walkway or patio. Gulf Coast Paver Restoration Inc can supply the equipment and expertise needed to restore your brick pavers and keep them looking great. Our services include:

  • Pressure washing to remove dirt and moss
  • Green cleaning products to kill mold and mildew
  • Resanding between pavers
  • Leveling

In addition to these restoration options, we can replace old or missing bricks. If you want an upgrade or a new color for your patio or walkway, we can also place pavers with new colors and arrangements to suit your new style.

Once any necessary repairs are made, we can reseal the pavers to prevent future moisture damage and mildew growth. Sealed pavers will be easier to keep clean and will better stand up to the elements.

Who Is Gulf Coast Paver Restoration Inc?

At Gulf Coast Paver Restoration Inc, we're dedicated to providing high-quality services and fantastic results. Our current owner has over 10 years of experience with the company, both as an employee and now as the owner.

Our company is certified with the Better Business Bureau and has the necessary insurance to protect us, you, and our work.

To schedule a visit for brick paver restoration at your Tampa, FL, home, call Gulf Coast Paver Restoration Inc at (813) 792-9276.